About Us

UrbanEQ is a professionally registered consulting engineering company, providing specialised services in the fields of Transportation Engineering and Project Management.


Services Offered

  • Project Management
  • Construction Supervision
  • Transportation Planning
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Public Transport Operations


Our People

Andrew Bulman and Graeme Greenwood both have more than 20 years of experience in consulting engineering, Transportation and Project Management, and are both professionally registered engineers. They have specialist qualifications in Transportation Engineering, Project Management and Finance.



  • MyCiTi  / IRT Operations  and Business Development Support to the City of  Cape Town since its inception.
  • 2010 World Cup Transport Plan and Project Management of the whole Public  transport system during the games.
  • Project and Programme Management during the construction of the Cape Town Stadium.
  • Construction and Project Management of high end multi-storey residential complexes


Jenny Bessesen

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